Your Easy to Follow Guide: How to cut peel and stick tile

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Cutting peel and stick tiles is not a difficult task. Generally, you only need a utility knife and ruler. However, there are slight differences in cutting peel and stick tiles of different materials.


  • Utility knife
  • Ruler
  • Pen (Optional)


Use a ruler to measure and mark the lines to be cut on the peel and stick tiles.


There are a few different techniques depending on the material. Consumers don't need to know the specific materials of various peel and stick tiles. They just need to follow these general distinctions:

For softer, more flexible vinyl backsplashes, you can simply cut along the score line with a utility knife or box cutter. Apply gentle, even pressure and the peel & stick tile will tear easily.

For harder, more rigid surfaces like ceramic tiles , you'll need to take your utility knife and run it along the score line with firm, steady pressure. This will create a groove or crack in the surface. Then, bending the peel & stick tile along the crack. 

If the peel & stick tile doesn’t cleanly snap apart, simply position it vertically and continue running the utility knife along the score line to fully separate the tile.