How to lay peel and stick vinyl tile

Your Easy to Follow Guide: How to cut peel and stick tile Reading How to lay peel and stick vinyl tile 2 minutes
1. Prepare the surface: Make sure the surface is level, dry, and free of dust and debris.

(Areas or spaces with temperatures exceeding 176°F, such as fireplaces, require heat-insulated surface treatment.)

  • Dust on the wall will form a cover layer, once we stick products on it with self adhesive tape, the tape will only stick to that dust layer and might fall down with it.
  • Moisture, including water or high humidity, can weaken the adhesive properties of tape.
  • If installed area is waved, tape will not be able to achieve full application of sticking on the applied surface, will affect its adhesive strength.
2. Measure and cut the tiles: Measure and cut the tiles to size as needed. You can use a utility knife or a tile saw to cut the tiles.

3.Peel off the backing: Peel off the protective backing from the back of the tiles.

4.Lay the tiles: Place the tiles in the desired location and press them down gently to adhere them.

5.Set the tiles: Use a rubber mallet or heavy object to set the tiles and ensure they are firmly adhered.

6.Wipe the tiles: Wipe the surface of the tiles with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.